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Name: Sam
Age: 20
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: green

A Little More—
Likes: twilight, music (my lifeblood!), Sailor Moon, pink, sweets, romance (watching it, anyway), being single, people, driving, spring, england, swingsets, morning, showers, vodka, summer, fall, heat, swimming, watching baseball, backrubs, british history, the name "kazuma", japanese, languages, gigantic hoodies/sweatshirts, travel, webcomics
Dislikes: waking up, winter, walking (makes me think too much), repetitive touching, smoking (but I won't lecture you), bitter foods, being cold, david eastridge, celebrity gossip
Spare time: singing, drawing, RPing, roller skating
Any sports you’ve done: sailing, baseball, soccer, cross country, hiking

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points: infinitely kind, smart, fun
Weaknesses: impulsive, disorganized, lazy
Ambitions: to paint murals for children's hospitals. to sing with imogen heap. to get a lesson in art from leigh bader. working in a creative environment with great creative people. to animate and/or voice act and/or sing for a disney movie. to get another hug from scott mcneil. to live without regrets. to forgive myself. to direct and animate a true-to-the-original-manga sailor moon series. to play carrie in a production of 'carousel'. to have tea and chat with david bowie. to walk through kyoto with ken watanabe. to find a style of artwork and cartooning that is truly mine. to own every sailor moon artbook. to see hikaru utada in concert. to be a true role model to my 'little sisters'.
Optimistic or pessimistic: realistic. but leaning to optimistic
Physical or Emotional strength: emotional
Crybaby or Ice cold?: ice cold. I cry maybe once or twice a year XD
Leader or Supporter: supporter
Clothing style: pretty fun and casual
Energy Level: medium to high :3

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel? being included in something
What’s the worst emotion you can feel? regret
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond? I'd tell them to slow down and take a minute to breathe, why are they screaming at me?
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it? I'd be a little sad and disappointed, but they must have had their reasons.
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do? keep kicking it back to her side >(
Do you fall in love easily? not at ALL. 20 years and I still haven't done it XD
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left? travel all over the world!
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best do you feel about this/what do you do? I'm kinda curious, and I might be slightly jealous, but I let it go because my best friend is a person, and has other friends
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them? the only secrets I keep from them are my own
What element do you most identify with, and why? fire! It's destructive, but from the ashes things are reborn :3
Would you sacrifice everything for love? I don't know. I've never been in love. Although, I did love someone like a sister more than anyone, and I gave her up for her sake. That hurt. And that was kinda "everything," in a way.
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice? I don't think so...
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain. Mmm... Well, sometimes I do dream of things before they actually happen. But I don't remember them until the event is actually occurring XD; Pretty useless.
Are you religious in any way? no. spiritual though.

Favorite Tanemura series: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Favorite Characters: Takuto
Least Favorite Characters: Fuzuki

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