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Name: Bethany
Age: 17
Hair: At the moment, multiple shades of brown with some blonde/orangey streaks. Used to be blue.
Eyes: "blue"

A Little More—
Likes: Animanga, Tenimyu, drawing, painting, reading well-written fanfiction, hot Japanese actors, Asian food, making fun of the airheads in my art classes, hanging out with friends, karaoke, DDR, clubbing, designing/making clothes, wide sleeves, scarves, hats, boots, messing with my hair, speaking bluntly, cooking Asian dishes, video games, MMORPGs, and scaring people.
Dislikes: Onions, eggplant, people who apparently haven't passed 1st grade don't know how to spell and punctuate correctly (off and online), the otaku wanna-be's who only watch Cartoon Network and think they know everything there is to know about that series, bad fanfic writers, liver, mornings, people who show-off their non-existent art skills, Asian wanna-be's, Emos, unintelligent people in general, and just basically unassertive/meek people. ^^;; (yes...I'm quite... picky? haha...)
Spare time: Drawing, checking my F-list, Facebook, drawing, reading manga, hanging out with friends, drawing, traveling (out of the US) and uh... did I mention drawing? XDDD
Any sports you’ve done: Swim team, tennis, marching band (YES. It is a sport.) and traditional Taiwanese/Chinese dance.

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points: Speaking the truth when people need (not want) to hear it, not backing down from a challenge, I don't follow any crowd, loyal and open when I like the person, art, and efficient.
Weaknesses: A bit headstrong at times (HAH.), huge bitch when I don't like you (is that really a weakness? XDD;;;), judgmental, easily bored, highly competitive (though I don't vocalize it), OCD and no tolerance for immature/idiotic behavior.
Ambitions: Animator, be financially stable in the US before I move to another country, work for Square-Enix, live in Japan for at least a year and then maybe Taiwan, meet some of my favorite artists in real life (CLAMP, Sugisaki, Tanemura, Moriyama, Hoshino, Konomi, etc etc), get Dir En Grey's autograph (not just a handshake), make all of the cosplays I've been wanting to get to, publish my own manga and becoming successful.
Optimistic or pessimistic: Optimistic when the idea is plausible and pessimistic when it's absolutely ridiculous. It's nice to be "pleasantly" surprised. >;D
Physical or Emotional strength: emotional. I brush set backs off pretty easily and keep on charging, even when the people around be are all whining and crying.
Crybaby or Ice cold? : Ice cold. No questions about it. My tear ducts are only functional when I read The City.
Leader or Supporter: Leader all the way.
Clothing style: err... my own? I make my own clothes sometimes. Usually it's dark jeans, baby tee, nice heels/sneaker or baggy cargo pants with a baby tee or loose spaghetti strap looking thing.
Energy Level: 0 in the mornings and 5 on a normal basis and 9 when I'm painting.

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel? Fangirly squealy-ness when a new chapter of ((insert name of current obession here)) has been released.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel? Failing and not being the top.
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond? If I know them, I'll try to get them to explain what they are spazzing about. If I don't, I'll flick them off and walk away.
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it? I would be royally pissed and request an explanation.
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do? Since this is a continuous occurrence, I'd pick it put with a pair of tongs, hold it to their face and say, "Who the hell do you think you are?" If it were the 1st time, I'd just tell them to move it away.
Do you fall in love easily? Nope. Again, I'm very picky.
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left? See as many friends as I could and try to meet at least one of the Tenimyu actors.
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best do you feel about this/what do you do? Well depends on what gender they are and which best friend we're talking about. Usually I'd just let them be and keep my mouth shut.
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them? Sometimes. There are times when they do need to know the truth though.
What element do you most identify with, and why? Water. Harmless at 1st glance but has the power to level cities and seep through the tiniest hole.
Would you sacrifice everything for love? NEVER. I've worked too hard to throw it all away for some guy that I might not even marry.
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice? Yes. But I tend to tune it out so sometimes I'll miss the criticism. xD;;
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain. Nope. I don't have that gift and I know I don't. It would be interesting to experience it for a day. :]
Are you religious in any way? Hahahaa. No. I only believe in reincarnation and that's it. People who try to convert me to their religion usually get a nasty glare and quip remark.

Favorite Tanemura series: Time Stranger Kyoko. (Well, I'd like it more if Tanemura-sensei actually put more effort into it...)
Favorite Characters: Maora, Mizuno, Chokora, Kingu, and Sinbad.
Least Favorite Characters: Komaki, Hizuki, Mitsuki, and Maron.

Wow that was freakishly long... sorry. ^^;

my hair is usually in a different style everyday. ^^;


this one so you can get an idea of how long my hair is. XD;;
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