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Ehh... I was going to rate the three people below me until I noticed that they didn't really seem to need it. That's allowed, right? Right?


Talana, more commonly known as Tally on the internets♥
Age: 17
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black, and very, very curly. It's literally twice as long when straightened.
Eyes: Brown, but in strong light they appear an actual gold/yellow.

A Little More—
Anime/manga, reading, writing, art, friends, fanfiction, musicOMG, hugs, animals, fantasy, debating, bubblezzzzz.
Dislikes: Discrimination, bullying, social class, seafood, socialising.
Spare time: All online. Fanfiction and writing especially, and talking with friends - I haunt so many different places most of the time I can't remember who I know and where I know them from. Online socialising is different to real-life socialising. ^^
Any sports you’ve done: Pretty much everything, but the main ones are martial arts - pretty much every kind - and tennis.

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points:
Good at anything and everything creative, and sport if I put my mind to it. I know how to lighten the mood
Weaknesses: I'll do anything to stop any discrimination/bullying I see, which isn't always a good thing. I also procrastinate like there'll be no tomorrow to procrastinate in, and I'm weak with direction and memory. I'm also vertically challenged...
Ambitions: To become successful. I most want to be an author or working in the games design industry - I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Also to travel.
Optimistic or pessimistic: Pessimistic. My imagination goes wild. But it doesn't actually get me down.
Physical or Emotional strength: Emotional all the way, but I am physically strong. It surprises people.
Crybaby or Ice cold? : Pretty much a perfect mix of both. I use crybaby as a mask to disguise the fact that I just don't care.
Leader or Supporter: Both. I've been told I'm a good leader, but as a supporter I probably take charge more. However, on account of my unsocial side, I tend to not get voted as many things. I'm sort of shy too, so if it involves public speaking no waiz.
Clothing style: Anything I want. =D I always get compliments because I tend to have something no one else has; I shop in lots of different places. I'm always called cute so I suppose there's that in my style; and anything can be dressed up with accessories and a few badges >D
Energy Level: I'm always tired, and always hyper. Yeah really. I like to act like a little kid, and I'm also an insomniac. Not a good combination.

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel?
Happy, of course!
What’s the worst emotion you can feel? Emptiness. This encompasses loneliness, the death of loved ones, worthlessness/uselessness...
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond? Try and ask why calmly, and if that doesn't work yell back or turn off. Yell back first. =)
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it? I'd be upset, of course. And I'd probably remember it for a long time, and drag it up every now and then, but try and keep it out of really important things.
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do? Throw it out the window next time I find it, and yell at them when they get home. Alternatively, stuff it in their face while they're sleeping.
Do you fall in love easily? Nope. Lust? Yeah. Everyone does. But I don't think I've ever been in love.
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left? Hello world. Time to pack the bags and make use of the time I have left with a super-speedy trip to the various countries I've made friends in, so I hopefully won't have regrets.
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best friend...how do you feel about this/what do you do? I get pretty jealous -- that's my best friend, dammit! I tend to try and get the attention back in subtle ways, or ignore it/them.
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them? Yeah, I do. But if I think they need to know, I'll tell them.
What element do you most identify with, and why? You know, I think that'd be just about every element. I find them all fascinating. Probably fire the most? I'm addicted to the pretty flames~
Would you sacrifice everything for love? No. I'd try and keep everything and have the love on the side, probably.
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice? Yeah, because I have a pretty different idea of what to do. But I can usually explain anything I do away, so there isn't any real fuss.
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain. I don't really think so, unless you could count looking at a photo and saying straight off what the person's like as a sixth sense. I did that with photos from my cousin's school. Apparently I judged everyone correctly.
Are you religious in any way? No. Well, I believe there is a higher power. Agnostic, no actual defined religion.

Favorite Tanemura series:
I loved Full Moon so much, but now Shinshi Doumei Cross is my favourite. =)
Favorite Characters: Takuto, definitely, from Full Moon, as well as Wakouji-sensei. But Mailman and Guard-san both hold special places in my heart too. ^^ And Usio.
Least Favorite Characters: Shizumasa, basically -- well, the two Shizumasas from SD Cross. They drive me nuts, seeing them both fight.

Please post 3 clear (or more) images so we know who you are ^^
Most recent first - I'm in red. The badge is a quote from Alice in Wonderland - Curiouser and Curiouser - and yes, I always look stoned. I also have my hair straightened.
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The next one's older. Quite a bit older, actually. And nyeeeeeh.
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An attempt at finding a curly-haired image resulted in this, a shot from a few years back now (did you guess I don't like photos yet?):
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