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Name: It's Keitii.  Or, at least that's the Japanese version of it.
Age: 13.75
Hair: Naturally, it's dark brown.  But I just dyed it dark red...
Eyes: Hazel.

A Little More—
Likes: Music, sunshine, umbrellas, scene hair, manga (of course), plushies, San-X
Dislikes: Completely serious people, the Leave Britney Alone dude, stupid Microsoft Word clip-art, artist's block, being seen in a swimsuit, violence, horror movies, Paris Hilton... I could go on.  And ON.  AND ONNNNNN...
Spare time: Reading, drawing, and writing.  Oh, and playing around with GarageBand at my friend's house...
Any sports you’ve done: I'm a red belt in karate.

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points: People tell me I'm quite loyal, generous, and peaceful...
Weaknesses: I'm pretty impacient, and I get jealous at the drop of a hat.  I also find myself just toooo sensitive...
Ambitions: I'd love to be a singer or a manga-ka... and of course, I want to fall in love, but who doesn't?
Optimistic or pessimistic: I'm kind of a pessimist, at least I think I am...
Physical or Emotional strength: Emotional.
Crybaby or Ice cold? : In the middle.
Leader or Supporter: A little of both, really...
Clothing style: Comfy, colorful, and creative.  With cool shoes.  Obviously.
Energy Level:  It goes from low to high in about 5 seconds...

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel?  That state when you're utterly and completely at peace, no worries, just doing something that you love.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel? Shame.  I don't think you should regret anything if you have a chance of fixing it.
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond?  Walk away as soon as possible.
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it?  I'd probably break down in tears, call all my friends, and then make my decision.
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do?  Burn it, and tell her that if she doesn't stop doing it, you'll burn the rest too :D  I can be a little impulsive...
Do you fall in love easily?  Ha!  I wish I didn't.  The whole rejection thing is painful.
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left?  I've always wanted to visit Japan, so I think I'd go there.  And tell the person I like how much I care about them...
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best friend...how do you feel about this/what do you do?  I'd probably just go all angstorama on them and not talk to them... I do that.  Sorry.
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them?  No.  Unless it's mean gossip about them.
What element do you most identify with, and why?  I think I identify with earth.  Why?  Well, my middle name is a flower (Rose), and everyone always prefers the flashier elements like fire and darkness.  Earth gets overlooked a lot...
Would you sacrifice everything for love?  Hell no.  They can't have my reading ability or my emotions; I'll fight for 'em!
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice?  *noddity noddity*
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain.  No way, I'm so not smart enough to have something like that.
Are you religious in any way?  I worship the flying spaghetti monster... Just kidding.  I think.

Favorite Tanemura series: Full Moon (the only one I've read so far... except for a preview of Gentleman's Alliance...)
Favorite Characters:  Aah... I really love Gutchan (small furry characters are sweet!) and Takuto (angsty bishies!  Joy!) and I do identify with Haine from G.A. because she's willing to fight for what she calls "love."
Least Favorite Characters:  AGHHHH!  Meroko's always bothered me.  Maybe it's the skimpy outfit or the fact that NOBODY HAS HAIR LIKE THAT....

These pics are all old as crap, but they'll do.


(Yes, I rather like a tiny bit of blood... but nothing gross.)

Sorry, my LJ cut link is still broken.  But if you click on Tanemura above my post, you can probably get to it.
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