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Tanemura Beauties!

An Arina Tanemura Rating Community

Tanemura Beauties
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Moderators: acquiesce, chobi_chan, kawaiirishi, koushirochickie, maidensblush, nchantedsakura, sugaahcube, and yogiri. Please contact one of us if you have any problems, issues, concerns, or comments!

Read the rules carefully before posting!

[1]Treat everyone with respect, just as you’d like to be treated!

[2]Please report anyone that is harassing you! No one should have to endure that sort of unfair treatment here. If it continues, we will ban the user from the community as a result.

[3]Please vote for the stampees based on *both* personality and appearance! Please don’t be biased to either/or, because that’s just not fair. Vote separately on both personality and appearance. Set it up something like this :
Personality : Mitsuki
Appearance : Kyoko

[4]If you can while voting, try and explain why you believe the poster is the character you voted. It is prefered that you keep votes to a maximum of 3 characters per post.

[5] Please vote on the three people listed before you BEFORE you apply. In the case that there are not three people awaiting votes at the time you wish to apply, simply vote for as many as possible and apply.

[6]Please place all images under an LJ cut. If you do not know how, please refer to this page to learn how.

[7]No revealing images/overuse of profanity. C’mon people, seriously.

[8]There is a list of preview stamps and a list of websites at the bottom of the user info to view and aid you so please refer to those when voting on posts in order to broaden the stamp results (as in, don’t just always vote for KKJ characters, even if that’s the only series you’ve read/seen. Get familiar with the other characters by reading the bios on the previews!)

[9]This is not a promoting community! Please take your community advertisements somewhere else.

[10] If you would like to be an affiliate, please post the request as a comment to any mod's post. That's also a good way to contact us in any case.

[9]You must have at least 5 votes to be stamped! Everyone must take part in this process in order to get the full experience of the rating community. You will be stamped at least within a week of getting your post's right amount of votes. You may re-submit your application a month after your previous submisson if you are not happy with the results <3

[11]Both boys and girls are welcomed in this community! We need some more bishounen around here ;D

Otherwise! Here is the survey that you must fill out in order to be stamped. Please remember to put “Checkmate!” in the subject line of your post so we can be sure that you read the rules. Remember that in order to post, you must join the community. <3



A Little More—
Spare time:
Any sports you’ve done:

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points:
Optimistic or pessimistic:
Physical or Emotional strength:
Crybaby or Ice cold? :
Leader or Supporter:
Clothing style:
Energy Level:

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel?
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond?
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it?
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do?
Do you fall in love easily?
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left?
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best friend...how do you feel about this/what do you do?
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them?
What element do you most identify with, and why?
Would you sacrifice everything for love?
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice?
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain.
Are you religious in any way?

Favorite Tanemura series:
Favorite Characters:
Least Favorite Characters:

Please post 3 clear (or more) images so we know who you are ^^

Have fun!

Websites for additional information on characters and series:
--Eternal Snow/Melancholy - General FMwS info site with extensive gallery on Tanemura-sensei's latest artbook (Italian)
--Scanariffic: Firecracker is Melancholy and ION - small blurbs about the series with scanned images from the manga
-- Tsuki Hikari - Manga hosting site that has ION, Firecracker is Melancholy, Time Stranger Kyoko, Shinshi Doumei Cross, and more scanlations to download. (thanks harada_sis_08 for pointing this one out ^.^)
--Animanga Network - General manga hosting site that has ION and Time Stranger Kyoko scanlations up that you can read online. (look under complete projects)
--Time Escape - general info on TSK
--Happy! Love! Comedy! - Shinshi Doumei Cross fansite with lots of pictures, translations, and more.
--Chiibi's Shinshi Doumei Cross Site - Another Shinshi Doumei + fansite!
--Keichan's Jeanne Homepage - general KKJ site (if you find anything better, please let me know!! the best links I had are dead ;_;)

Preview Stamps (more coming.... please do not feel limited by these. Vote for any arina tanemura character you feel the person resembles, even if we do not have a stamp for that character yet.)

Personality Stamps:
Fin Fish

Appearance Stamps:
Full Moon

Stamped List
americanangel85 - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Maron
sugaahcube - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Miyako
heartaddiction - Looks: Meroko; Personality: Fin Fish
acquiesce - Looks + Personality: Maron
starrcandi - Looks + Personality: Kajika
selphish - Looks + Personality: Miyako
ryosuke - Looks + Personality: Mitsuki
sakusaku - Looks + Personality: Maron
chibi_hidaka - Looks: Kaitou Jeanne; Personality: Kajika
maidensblush - Looks + Personality: Karen
famness - Looks + Personality: Meroko
sobloodycute - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Meroko
idol - Looks: Mizuno; Personality: Karen, Mitsuki
chibi_yunie - Looks: Mana; Personality: Maron
meggu - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Mitsuki, Madoka
googuru_girl - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Madoka
menstrualmiko - Looks + Personality: Kyoko
firstlastdance - Looks + Personality: Miyako
rabbit_gkt87 - Looks + Personality: Mitsuki
stephienoodles - Looks + Personality: Meroko
nozomi - Looks: Ai; Personality: Mizuno
sakuya1172012 - Looks + Personality: Maora
nyaraka - Looks: Maora; Personality: Kyoko
nanaminako - Looks + Personality: Fin
saikaistory - Looks: Maron; Personality: Mitsuki
yogiri - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Meroko
pandabunneh Looks + Personality: Mitsuki
mp_karen - Looks + Personality: Ushio
koushirochickie - Looks: Meroko; Personality: Maron
asukamiyu - Looks: Mitsuki; Personality: Miyako
shyunpo - Looks + Personality: Miyako
hououji_fuu - Looks + Personality: Maron
mushroomsamba - Looks: Maron; Personality: Mitsuki
dessi - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Mitsuki
jackdaniel - Looks: Maron; Personality: Meroko
punomenon - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Meroko
chibi_mitsuki - Personality: Haine
anime_girl193 - Looks + Personality: Fin
arashi_kishuu - Looks: Maron; Personality: Wakaouji
xanguisettex - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Haine
kizzmon - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Madoka
swan_princess - Looks + Personality: Meroko
midorinara - Looks: Maora; Personality: Mitsuki
macrossfool - Looks: Takuto; Personality: Izumi
akatsuki - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Haine
nami - Looks: Fin; Personality: Miyako
bringer - Looks: Ooshige; Personality: Mitsuki
djshorty788 - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Fin
ashiddo - Looks + Personality: Madoka
eowynlove - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Maron
nikkibyun - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Izumi
doenja - Looks: Karen; Personality: Mitsuki
oh_so_red - Looks: Maron; Personality: Haine
craziimonkii - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Haine
yureteru - Looks: Fin; Personality: Maora
danii_girl - Looks: Mitsuki; Personality: Karen
heartless_decay - Looks: Yami; Personality: Miyako
shyunpo - Looks: Kanon; Personality: Maron
googuru_girl - Looks: Takuto; Personality: Maron
nyaonyaoneko - Looks: Kyoko; Personality: Meroko
harada_sis_08 - Looks: Ooshige; Personality: Maron
aimeara - Looks: Madoka; Personality: Miyako
stubbornskin - Looks: Mitsuki; Personality: Fin
candybouquet - Looks: Karen; Personality: Mitsuki
dreaming_faerie - Looks: Maron; Personality: Miyako
ririel - Looks: Karen; Personality: Haine
_mrowr - Looks + Personality: Kyoko
n0time - Looks: Maron; Personality: Kyoko
chibi_ai - Looks: Komaki; Personality: Maron
odoru - Looks: Komaki; Personality: Kyoko
idol_famine - Looks: Haine; Personality: Mitsuki
deana_shiruba - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Haine
appaku - Looks + Personality: Maron
chobi_chan - Looks: Miyako; Personality: Mitsuki
kawaiirishi - Looks: Mitsuki; Personality: Ushio
thepinkangel - Looks: Maora; Personality: Haine
pinkified - Looks: Haine; Personality: Karen


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