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oh the checkmate owns

Name: Diana
Age:  18
Hair: Brown
Eyes:  Brown

A Little More—
Likes: Art, my family, sweets, flowers, movies, anime, manga books, rpg's, games
Dislikes: Being ill all the time, fire, rude people, loniness
Spare time: Usually i draw, play games, watch tv or simply sleep
Any sports you’ve done: Swimming, volleyball, badminton

In Depth (please explain when needed!)--
Strong points: My determination, i am a good listener when anyone needs help
Weaknesses: I give up too easily, i am too stubborn at times and a bit blind when it comes to trust others
Ambitions:To be a mother
Optimistic or pessimistic: Pessimistic
Physical or Emotional strength: Emotional
Crybaby or Ice cold? : Crybaby
Leader or Supporter: Both
Clothing style: More boy-ish style, almost all the time wearing black and red..Hm more emo like my friend says *shakes head*
Energy Level: ...dunno

Given Situations—
What’s the best emotion you can feel?  Love
What’s the worst emotion you can feel? Despair
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond? I would probably get upset and burst in tears
If a loved one lied to you, how would you take it? I would probably take it badly because being lied it's simply..Dont know annoying
Your roommate continues to leave their dirty underwear on your side of the room, and you don’t like it. At all. What do you do? I will warn the person one last time then i toss everything away
Do you fall in love easily? I think so
You just discovered you have a week to live, what do you do with the time you have left? I would try to do everything i haven't been able to
Another person has been getting very clingy to your best do you feel about this/what do you do? I would feel a bit jealous or a bit dunno, annoyed and i would probably go away to don't disturb anyone
Do you keep secrets from your friends, even if it's good for them? Depends on the situation, there are things that they don't need to know
What element do you most identify with, and why? Water. Silent mysterious and a bit how to say ..Hurt
Would you sacrifice everything for love?  I would, if i was trully in love
Are you often criticized for the things you do, even if it's the right choice? Yes i am, most of the time people think i am wrong ^^;
Do you believe you have a level of a 6th sense? If so, please explain. Yes and no. I can't really explain why thou o_O
Are you religious in any way? I was until i had an major problem then i stop being one.

Favorite Tanemura series: Shinshi Doumei Cross
Favorite Characters: Hayne, Mitsuki, Izumi, Takato
Least Favorite Characters: I don't have a particular least fav ^^;

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